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XMMS Sound Enhancing Plugins

When using these sound enhancing plugins for Linux, MP3 and other digital audio output from XMMS is converted to full, rich 3D stereo sound. XMMS users will be able to not only enhance MP3s but also Wav audio, CD-DA, MODs and other formats.

Spatializer StreamFX
  XMMS users can now experience the same Spatializer StreamFX enhancements available for WinAmp and provides a very compelling audio package for the growing Internet Appliance market. StreamFX provides rich 3D audio, enhanced bass support and support for headphone/speaker audio adjustment, adding rich, immersive audio to the already powerful XMMS player.
Screenshot of Spatializer
QSound iQ
  IQ for Linux utilizes QSound's 3D audio technology to stretch the sound outside the physical location of the speakers - creating an immersive virtual surround sound field. Users will be able to enhance mono and low bit-rate MP3s that are streamed over the Internet. Laptop users will also be able to get highly enhanced stereo sound with iQ for Linux.
Screenshot of iQ
4Front Technologies OSS/3D
  OSS/3D utilizes 4Front's proprietary 3D audio technology to add bass /spatialization, 3D surround and enhance the sound played by XMMS. OSS/3D provides a DSP engine to manipulate the sound in many different ways. In short, OSS/3D provides the capabilities of QSound and Spatializer and provides additional functionality like Speaker correction and Virtual Subwoofers. OSS/3D can greatly improve MP3s, RealAudio, CD Audio, Ogg and pretty much anything that is played via XMMS. Screenshot of OSS/3D
Download trial versions for Linux
  Spatializer StreamFX
QSound iQ
4Front OSS/3D
  glibc 2.x and XMMS 1.2.3 (or above)

  tar -zxvf <filename> ; ./xminstall.sh

The plugins can be ordered from the secure order page at the price of $10.00/plugin.